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It’s all about a guitar --- the HOLY GRAIL of contemporary gypsy musical instruments.  Made in 1987 by master luthier John Monteleone in collaboration with the creator of the iconic Selmer gypsy guitar, Mario Maccaferri.  Eleven instrumental tracks composed by Dario Napoli and played by the Dario Napoli Trio: Dario (the Grail), Tommaso Papini (rhythm guitar), Tonino De Sensi (bass guitar).  Five mikes on the Grail, which flew first class from Chicago to Milan for the recording sessions.  Yes, she was and is pampered.  Liner notes by John Monteleone, who tells the story of how he met Mario and how their friendship grew.  Imagine being there as they both put their hands and tools on the Grail, watching it evolve into a masterpiece of wood and steel strings.  Inside the digipak are numerous photos of these two men together in 1987, philosophizing, discussing sonic theory, laughing, and building the Holy Grail.  Mario passed away in 1993, but luckily, we still have John to carry the torch.  Onward, sir.


Purchase includes MP3s and WAV files of all eleven tracks. After checkout, a download link will be emailed to you with a link that will work for 30 days. 

Holy Grail Digital Download

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