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We are so very excited about a project currently in the works.  It’s a compilation CD of tracks about pets, shelters, forever families, and related topics, with ALL PROFITS from CD sales and downloads going to animal welfare organizations.  It's titled “RESCUE ME!”  Amy White and yours truly are co-producing, and are currently in the midst of reviewing recorded tracks submitted by various songwriters.  If that describes you, read on.  If it doesn’t, the information below probably won’t be of much interest to you.

October , 2014

Dear Songwriter/Pet Lover,

If the cats and dogs at your local animal shelter could say but two words, they might be “Rescue Me!”.  Chances are you’ve already rescued some in the conventional way.  Me too.  But how many can we rescue as individuals?  Not many.  What if we could pool our music industry influence to encourage would-be pet adopters to provide “forever homes” to our furry pals? What if we could generate significant revenue streams for animal welfare organizations?  I think I’ve found a meaningful, sustainable way to do both.

I want to develop and release "Rescue Me!" ---  a compilation CD of songs about dogs and cats. Ideally, each track will convey thoughts of rescue, safe haven, connection, devotion, and love. All profits from CD sales and downloads will be donated to animal welfare organizations.

Recording artist Amy White has agreed to co-produce the project with me.  If you have an original, acoustically recorded, mixed and mastered song you’re willing to donate to the cause, we’d love to hear it. You must own the track and 100 percent of the publishing rights, both of which you will continue to own. Please send your submissions to me ( in MP3 format.  Amy and I will listen to every submission independently, then together we’ll decide which tracks to use.

Blue Night Records (BNR) will pay up-front costs of engineering, design, packaging, manufacturing, and marketing of “Rescue Me!”.  All profits from CD sales and downloads will be donated to deserving national animal welfare organizations. At present we are discussing the project with PetSmart Charities, an organization dedicated to supporting animal welfare programs nationwide. They have shown strong interest in endorsing “Rescue Me!”, but must hear the tracks we’ve chosen before those talks can proceed. In any case, all profits from this compilation will go to worthy animal welfare organizations.

In addition, each artist with a track on the compilation may choose a favorite local animal shelter, to which BNR will be pleased to provide 30 complimentary copies of "Rescue Me!"  Those shelters can either sell the CDs to help fund their efforts, or offer them as a “thank you” to future adopters.

If your submission is selected, the cover of the CD from which it came will be displayed in a color booklet, along with your website and facebook page address, etc.   Space permitting, we may include a bio sketch of each artist as well. 

“Rescue Me!” will be sent to folk/Americana radio programmers and hosts, so your track may garner some “spins” too.  You may also earn performance royalties, depending on the amount of internet radio play the track receives. And finally, you can opt into a no-cost licensing agreement for your track with Blue Night Soundscapes (, an acoustic music licensing library which serves the film, television, and commercial advertising industries.

Through “Rescue Me!” we can all help homeless animals find forever families.  Email me with any questions you might have at

Thanks in advance for your consideration and compassion.


Steven Briggs, President
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